The Brand

Hey blondies, my name is Sara May Helfand-Pestella......but just call me Sara May. I'm just a girl who has the biggest dreams and wants to inspire you to to follow yours no matter how big they are. Level 10 originated 5 years ago when I wanted to open my own salon that specialized in blondes and custom color but timing plays an important role in making those dreams happen. So hang tight and enjoy the ride. That doesn't mean give up. I started to brand the name of my future salon LEVEL 10 and started teaching classes to inspire you guys . This industry can be hard but if you just make sure that everything you do, you do with passion your dreams won't seam so far out of reach because the process to get there will be fun....scary but fun. Stay tuned because my story is still being written. Thank you guys for all of your support and love. I couldn't do it without you. -Sara May